Kentucky voters mixed on caucus change

High voter turnout for local caucuses (VIDEO)

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - Northern Kentucky Republicans turned out in big numbers at the polls Saturday for the state's first GOP caucus.

The change to the caucus primary took many by surprise and today, mixed reviews at the voting locations.

"Traffic was backed all the way down this road and half way to fouler creek, which is probably a good two mile line," said Kenton County voter Norm Davidson.

Only one polling location was allowed per county and some voters we spoke to were not happy about that because traffic and long lines were the result.

"A little chaotic actually, I've been told by multiple people today how hectic it was to get in, so I waited to the ending hoping it would die down and boy that was not the case," said Sabrina Vurchio.

Confusion over the polling times caused some voters to miss the opportunity to cast their vote.

"I came back, thought it was 4:30 and I thought it would have cleared out but, oh well, I can't cast my ballot now, can I," questioned Mike Combs.

Party officials told FOX19 NOW Saturday's caucus was a learning experience and still to be determined: whether or not Kentucky will hold another caucus in four years.

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