Court docs: Man, 34, severely beat 16-year old girl

Teen severely beaten (VIDEO)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A teen girl is fighting for her life right now after being beaten so badly that, family members say, she's nearly unrecognizable.

According to court paperwork filed last week, a 16-year old girl was severely beaten at the hands of a man named William Arnold, 34.

Family members told FOX19 NOW over the phone on Monday that the girl is at UC Medical Center in an induced coma in intensive care.

"It's bad.  It's really bad," said Jodena Abbott who identified as a family member of the victim.

According to the complaint filed by Cincinnati Police, Arnold used his "personal body" and "possible unknown objects" to "cause serious physical harm" to the girl.

In that paperwork, police say Arnold admitted to this.

"She might not remember her name, who we are.  She's not going to remember anything," Abbott said.

Court documents say the girl was unconscious when she was taken by Arnold and another person to Mercy West Hospital.

Eventually she was flown to UC Medical Center for emergency surgery to help alleviate bleeding and swelling on her brain.

Police add that her liver is lacerated, her lungs are collapsed and lacerated, she has internal bleeding and she has bruises and cuts all over her body.

"If she didn't have her tattoos, we would not be able to tell that was her.  That's how bad it is," Abbott told FOX19 NOW.

Arnold is in jail in the Hamilton County Justice Center.  He's also facing heroin-related drug possession and trafficking charges, as part of an investigation by the Regional Narcotics Unit, as well as a felonious assault charge for his alleged role in the beating of the 16-year old.

"She's never going to be the same again, ever," said Abbott. "God forbid anything happens to her, that man should be charged with murder."

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