'Luke Skywalker' endorses Sittenfeld for Senate

'Luke Skywalker' endorses Sittenfeld for Senate

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's not some kind of Jedi mind trick, but PG Sittenfeld got a major endorsement when Luke Skywalker told voters to vote for him in a YouTube video released Tuesday.

O.K., so maybe Disney would prefer we say it was Mark Hamill not the son of Darth Vader, but the question is will the endorsement move the Force behind Sittenfeld?

In the video, Hamill said he hopes people will vote for the Cincinnati councilman for Senate because he will "work to ban assault weapons, he'll work for common sense gun safety and he'll stand up to the NRA."

Sittenfeld is in a race for Senate against former governor Ted Strickland.

"He's young, he's energetic, he's right on the issues and he'll make a very forceful senator," Hamill said.

The Ohio primary is March 15.

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