Tri-State Man Gets 11th DUI Charge

There've been hundreds of repeat DUI offenders in Warren County, but few with this many arrests. Prosecutors say a 44 year old Waynesville man is facing his 11th DUI charge. It's his fourth in six years. Victor Hartsook was indicted this week by the Warren County grand jury. Advocates for victims of drunk driving want repeat offenders like Hartsook to face years in prison not months. Andrea Rehkamp with Cincinnati's Mother's Against Drunk Driving tells FOX 19, "Perhaps if they started giving people a year for each offense that would put a stop to some of it. But 18 months is not really an inconvenience to him because he's probably going to get out and do it again." In addition to the possibility of 18 months in prison Hartsook also faces up to $5000 in fines. Warren County prosecutor, Rachel Hutzel, says a new Ohio state law allows them to charge repeat offenders with felonies faster than in the past.