Auditor aims to stop gas station skimming

Auditor aims to stop gas station skimming

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes is looking for new ways to stop credit card skimming at the gas pump.

Rhodes recently sent a letter to all gas station owners in the county asking them to take steps to protect customers and their credit information.

"Once they gather the information, some of the people who have been doing it, take the credit cards information and buy gift cards at Walmart of big box stores. Then they've got you," warns Rhodes.

In the letter, Rhodes said he asked for stations to get rid of master keys to the credit part of the gas pump.

He says unique keys would make it more difficult for thieves to get inside and install the devices. Rhodes also asked owners to install tape over the boxes, that would show if there had been tampering.

Rhodes says most of the gas stations have been compliant and want to stop skimmers, but he says customers can also take action and report suspicious pumps.

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