New Appeal In Schiavo Case

Federal court grants additional review in Schiavo case

More than 12 days after Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed, a federal appeals court is offering some new hope to her parents. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will allow her parents to file a motion for a rehearing on their previous request to have the feeding tube reinserted.

Bob and Mary Schindler are raising the question of whether a Tampa federal judge should have considered the entire state court record and not just the procedural history in denying the request. While the court in Atlanta has agreed to consider the motion filed on behalf of the parents, there is no time frame for the court's review.

Earlier Tuesday, Bob Schindler described his brain-damaged daughter as "failing." Schiavo's parents have maintained their daughter would want to be kept alive.

Schiavo's husband, Michael, insists he is carrying out her wishes by having the feeding tube pulled.