Pet owner claims clinic lost remains of cremated dog

Lost dog ashes? (VIDEO)
(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/Chris Lower)
(PHOTO: FOX19 NOW/Chris Lower)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - After making the decision to have his animal cremated, a man says a clinic in the Tri-State lost the ashes.

On February 29, Turner said he brought his dog Lobo to Noah's Ark Animal Clinic after he had a seizure. He the clinic reached out to him and told him that Lobo had taken a turn for the worst.

"We made the choice to get him euthanized after finding out he had cancer and wanted to get his ashes back," stated Turner.

Turner says he called the clinic after a week wanting to know if the remains were ready.

However, he said the clinic lost track of the ashes.

"Yeah, it's not a human but it was one of my best friends--to me, he was human," he said. "He's my Lobo."

He said he was told to call back the next day to speak to the person that handles cremation.

"We can't find them, they must have either lost it, lost the ashes or thrown them away," Turner states he was told.

Turner said he was crushed.

"He was the best dog I've ever had," said Turner. "I mean hands down gon' get me emotional."

Turner said Lobo was part of the family for over 9 years.

"He's like my son, he really is and to know that I'm not getting what I paid for back, I really wanted to have his ashes back," he said.

He says the clinic offered to give him 59 dollars back, which he says is the fee for cremation return.

"I said your insulting me, I said that's insulting, you just tell me you lose my dog ashes and I don't even care about the money," he said.

FOX19 NOW's Frankie Jupiter reached out to the general manager of the three locations, Eric Lies.

Lies said the clinic is looking into this matter further to see if a clerical mistake was made, which could have resulted in this situation.

If that is the case, he said they too are heartbroken over the mistake.

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