Student, 13, charged after Three Rivers threat

Student arrested following alleged threat

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - Taylor Middle School is open Thursday after Three Rivers School District officials alerted parents to a threat Wednesday.

"This evening after school at 5:30 p.m., school officials were made aware that a Taylor Middle School student made a threat that induced a level of panic," school officials posted to the district's Facebook page Wednesday night.

"We immediately turned it over to the Cleves Police Department who are currently investigating the matter. We want to reassure you that at no time were any of our children or staff in actual danger, but as always we take the highest level of caution possible.

"Due to the sensitive nature of this matter and the ongoing investigation, please be respectful of the fact that we cannot legally release any further details," school officials wrote.

But some parents expressed frustrations and concerns.

"LOVE LOVE this school district, however, as a parent of a middle school student I have to agree, a fb post is how I found out about this! So alerted is an over achieved word in this particular situation. Disappointed to say the least," wrote one parent, Meghan McNicholas, in a posting about the situation on FOX19 NOW's Facebook page.

"As I know we've had things like this happen before and WERE notified. I trust the school is doing their best to keep our children safe but we cannot control that one child out of the hundreds there.

"This world is just sad. Three Rivers, lets be the change, lets raise our children to want an education and not to harm others. #StandTogether #JacketStrong."

On Thursday morning, Cleves police took to their department's Facebook page to announce a 13-year-old male Three Rivers student was arrested on an inducing panic charge.

"The students and staff at TREC were never in any actual danger," police wrote.

"The student was taken into custody by Village of Cleves Police without incident. This case is still being investigated and, due to the suspect being a juvenile, no further information will be released at this time."

In an interview with FOX19 NOW, Cleves Police Chief Rick Jones said the student made the threat "in a public setting in front of and near other students.:"

He declined to say what exactly the teen allegedly threatened to do.

"Obviously, it was enough to warrant us going to pick him up and take him into custody," the chief said.

He also credited students for alerting parents, who contacted police. This developed early Wednesday evening into late evening.

"The students did the right thing and told the parents immediately, who circled back around to law enforcement, as they should, and the time frame on that was rather rapidly," Jones said. "Police were able to move on it quickly. The kids really did 'See Something, Say Something.' They took it upon themselves to spread the word around to the adults."

Lisa Whiteley, a school district spokeswoman, said in a live interview on FOX19 NOW Morning News the district realizes parents are frustrated they did not receive telephone calls, or an "all call" about the incident.

But, she explained, those go out only when there is a current situation or active threat on campus the district needs to alert parents to, such as a snow day or bomb that.

In this case, the district found out about the threat after the fact and after the student was already in police custody.

The student also is not on campus; he was automatically suspended on a three-day emergency leave, she said.

"We didn't feel there was any threat to students at the time we made the announcement," she said.

Most students are in class Thursday, she added, saying that the morning drop-off "went really well."

"There was very minimal on campus reaction," she said of the threat. "When I walked in you would not realize there had ever been anything the night before."

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