Poll: Trump ties Kasich in Ohio

Poll: Trump ties Kasich in Ohio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and rival John Kasich are tied among Ohio voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday morning.

Just one day before the critical Ohio primary, Gov. Kasich and Trump are both polling at 38 percent among likely Republican voters in the Buckeye State, the poll shows.

Senator Ted Cruz is polling at 16 percent in Ohio and Senator Marco Rubio at 3 percent.

The scales could soon tip in Kasich's favor now that Mitt Romney will be campaigning with him at two stops in Ohio Monday.

The former Republican presidential nominee will join Kasich at stops in North Canton and Westerville, his campaign says.

Romney is not endorsing a candidate but he is encouraging voters to choose Kasich in Ohio and Marco Rubio in Florida in an effort to stop Donald Trump.

Trump is holding a rally on Monday night in Youngstown.

The most recent Quinnipiac University poll also shows Hillary Clinton with 51 percent of the likely Ohio Democratic voters while Bernie Sanders has 46 percent.

During Sunday's Democratic forum in Columbus, both candidates used strong language to attack Donald Trump and place responsibility firmly on Trump for the recent violence at his campaign rallies.

Both candidates were asked which of them would stand the best chance of defeating Trump in the general election. Sanders said many national polls show him beating Trump by bigger margins than Clinton.

Meanwhile, Clinton said she was the only candidate to have won more votes than Trump so far.

The poll shows a gender gap among Ohio likely Republican primary voters as men back Trump over Kasich 40 to 33 percent while women go to Kasich 44 to 37 percent.  Tea Party members go to Trump over Kasich 36 to 18 percent, with 38 percent for Cruz.  Kasich and Trump split white, born-again evangelicals 33 to 33 percent.

There is a larger gender gap among Ohio likely Democratic primary voters as women back Clinton over Sanders 56 to 39 percent, while men back Sanders 55 to 43 percent, the poll shows.  Sanders has a big 64 to 36 percent lead among "very liberal" voters and 50 percent of "somewhat liberal" voters to Clinton's 46 percent.  She leads 59 to 38 percent among "moderate or conservative voters."

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