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Bracket Racket

Morning anchor Kara Sewell's bracket (Photo: Kara Sewell) Morning anchor Kara Sewell's bracket (Photo: Kara Sewell)

If you haven't filled out your March Madness bracket yet, time is running out.
But if you're a procrastinator, good news, we've got some tips that could help you win your office pool or at least have fun during the process.
This is all according to USA Today.

First, look at travel directions. Teams from the West Coast traditionally do not fare well when they have to go East.
You can also look at mascots or team names. The concept is simple, whichever team has the more frightening looking mascot or nastier-sounding nickname is your winner.
Or use geography. If you know where the school is located, choose that,  some may be easier than others; for example Weber State, not a real state.
UK fans will like this one..."anybody but Duke." USA Today says unless you went there, it is your "civic duty" to hate Duke.
When all-else fails... use a dartboard. At least then you won't over-think your choices!

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