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Kara Sewell: Pet Bereavement Days


If you have a pet you know they can be just like family.

And when they pass away, it can be devastating.

So much so it can be hard to imagine going back into work the next day.

Now, some companies are helping people deal with the loss through pet bereavement days.

Mourning pet owners are allowed to take up to 3 days off to grieve.

Hotel chain Kimpton, which has been recognized as one of the pet-friendliest places to work for in America, offers such leave. Other companies provide flexible days off so that the bereaved can come to terms with the loss.

While many agree this policy is helpful some are questioning where do you draw the line? And should you get different grieving time depending on the animal?

Consider this, 30 percent of pet owners surveyed say they felt grief and sadness for at least six months after losing an animal.

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