Schiavo Dies After Long Legal Battle

Terri Schiavo dies after long legal battle

It was a saga that spurred lots of people to get their final wishes on paper, in living wills. For many of the 15 years Terri Schiavo spent on a feeding tube, there was a seemingly constant battle between her parents and her husband.

Schiavo was a thin 26-year-old woman living in Florida in 1990. But she had grown up chubby, trying desperately to lose weight. When she collapsed at her home in February of 1990, it may have been from a potassium imbalance caused by an eating disorder. It temporarily stopped her heart and cut off oxygen to her brain -- leaving her in what many doctors called a persistent vegetative state.

Her husband says she never wanted to live like that, and began trying several years later to remove the to be keeping her alive. But her parents said she wouldn't have wanted to die -- and set off a legal battle that raged for years. She had left no record saying what option she'd prefer.