Schiavo's Parents Grieving

Terri Schiavo's parents grieving

A priest advising Terri Schiavo's  parents is denouncing the woman's husband in the aftermath of her death. He says Michael Schiavo's "heartless cruelty," as he describes it, continued to the end. Father Frank Pavone says Michael Schiavo wouldn't let Mary and Bob Schindler be with their daughter when she died. Pavone says family members were with the brain-damaged woman until ten to 15 minutes before her death, but were asked to leave. Pavone says the parents asked to be with her when she died, but the husband refused. Pavone says Schiavo's death is "a killing" and an "atrocity." Their lawyer says the parents will be "grieving personally today." He says Schiavo's father will speak later for the rest of the family. David Gibbs calls it "a sad day for the family" and for the country.