Diver expert explains pit falls divers face in rescue/recovery missions

Diver expert explains pit falls divers face in rescue/recovery missions

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A diving expert told FOX19 NOW of the variables divers will face as the go into the Ohio River possibly Sunday or Monday.

Those are the days authorities have said may be best for them to enter the waters.

As of now, they issued a news release which reads, "rising water levels, strong currents, and the risk to recovery personnel," is the reason the search has been halted.

Craig Springer of Scuba Unlimited in Cincinnati agrees with the decision.

He explained, one of the biggest problems divers will face is visibility. Springer said diving during the daylight will only help a bit, but will be tough in the brown water.

"With all the mud in the river you can't see your hand in front of your face," Springer said.

Getting to the car won't be an easy task Springer explained. He said Divers will need to be careful that they don't get trapped as they try and recover it.

"With the river up this high and running this quickly," Springer said. "There are a lot debris, logs, trees and branches and things like that are stuck on the bottom somewhere."

He said divers could get pinned underneath the car because of the water pressure.

The car has been located but the Campbell County police department said no positive ID has been made on the possible occupants in the car or make of the car. It's believed to be red possibly a Pontiac Grand Prix.

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