Miss Puerto Rico stripped of crown for being 'rude'

Miss Puerto Rico stripped of crown for being 'rude'

FOX19 - Univision announced the decision to strip Miss Puerto Rico Universe saying Kristhielee Caride was "dismissive and rude in a recent interview."

The first runner up, Brenda Jimenez Azaria will take the crown.

According to the Daily Mail, Kristhielee Caride shocked competition officials when she dismissively said she was sick of life in the limelight.

She told a Puerto Rican newspaper in the interview that has not been published 'I just do not like cameras.'

That's when officials gave her the axe. Caride only won her crown four months ago but she will no longer compete for Puerto Rico in the beauty competition.

The decision marks the first time a Puerto Rico Miss Universe contestant has lost her crown before the big event is held.

Defending herself in a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday, Caride said 'I allowed my feelings to get in the way of my work.'

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