Man deemed 'saddest papaw' now all smiles

FOX19 - Papaw Kenny Harmon finally sat down with all six of his grandchildren for Sunday dinner in Oklahoma.

Harmon started an outpouring of emotion after his granddaughter Kelsey posted a sad picture of him eating a burger.

That was a week earlier when five of six grandchildren stood him up.

The image of the dejected retiree slumped over his dining table eating a home-made burger went viral and captured America's heart.

No burgers time for Sunday dinner.

The meal featured meat loaf and chicken.

Kelsey who caused her papaw to go viral with the original tweet, says she  has gotten so many messages.

She told the "Daily Mail," many said her the post made them call their grandparents.  Her cousin Brock added, "They're not gonna be here forever, you need to cherish them."

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