Praying For The Pope To Recover

Praying for pope to recover, as well as to die peacefully

Many are praying for Pope John Paul's recovery -- but some are praying for a gentle death for the ailing, 84-year-old pontiff.

In John Paul's hometown in Poland, a 17-year-old was one of many who came to pray at the church where the pope was baptized. She says in spite of the "alarming statements" from the Vatican, she hopes he improves.

Some took time off work to pray. In Warsaw, an unemployed man who said he doesn't go to church or even believe in many things religious was inspired to go to church today because he does believe in the pope.

One worshiper in Vienna says John Paul should die "as calmly as possible," having done a very good job. And an archbishop in Zimbabwe says he's praying that John Paul "goes home gently." He says the pope has lived a full life, so it "doesn't make sense" to pray for his recovery.