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Your childhood toy could make you money

(Photo courtesy Flickr) (Photo courtesy Flickr)

If you didn't throw away those childhood toys, you may be able to make some money.

M-S-N put out a list of some of the most valuable vintage toys.

The surreal and offensive Garbage Pail Kids collectible cards could bring in a lot of dough. A full set could go for $700. Certain cards are worth as much as $4,000.

Even your old, candy-less PEZ dispensers might be worth something.

A dispenser known as Astronaut B sold for $32,000 on eBay.

Super Soakers are still in high demand..

But the vintage water guns from the 1990s selling for about $150 can go for as much as $500 if they are in mint condition.

And if you're holding onto an early Furby in an unopened box, expect the interactive toy to fetch about $900.

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