Save a Life Tour helps prevent distracted driving

Save a Life Tour helps prevent distracted driving

UNION, KY (FOX19) – - Cooper High School officials say they want to be proactive in helping to prevent accidents like the one last May involving three students.

One student was killed and another was severely disabled in the accident that took place less than a mile from the school.

The driver of the car involved later told sheriffs deputies she was going at least 25 mph over the speed limit when the accident occurred.

Thursday, nearly one year later, students will be participating in the Save a Life Tour at the high school.

Students will be able to experience firsthand the devastating effects of drunk and distracted driving.

The tour has been developed to provide interactive driving simulation that shows students they grim reality of destructive decisions.

This program addresses the very real and sometimes fatal consequences of poor choices made while driving under the influence or while distracted.

The Save a Life Tour utilizes several methods for educating including: video presentation, speaking presentation, interactive demonstration with simulators, pre-and post-surveys and take-a-ways including a pledge card and a wristband.

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