Facing Deportation

US may oust 43-year Ohio resident

A 43-year resident of Ohio is facing deportation to Germany, where he has no relatives and doesn't speak the language.

Hans Horst of Cincinnati came to America in 1962 at the age of six. When his mother later became a US. citizen, her other two children automatically became citizens because they were dependants under age 18. Horst had turned 18 two months earlier. He says he just never got around to becoming a citizen. The German immigrant went to school here, raised a daughter and held down a steady job. He also got into trouble, going to prison for three years on drug charges in 1993. The drug trafficking conviction labeled him a criminal alien and made him deportable under immigration laws.

An immigration judge ordered Horst deported while he was in prison, but the order wasn't enforced after his release. But after he got a parking ticket three weeks ago, police discovered the deportation order and had Horst arrested.