Heroin task force: Search for needles before Easter eggs

Consider this editorial: Heroin in the community

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Taking your children out for an Easter egg hunt this weekend? How about this:  Before your kids search for eggs, you're supposed to search for needles.

That's the message from the Northern Kentucky Heroin Impact Response Task force. The task force wants parents to go out and look for used needles in public places - parks, playgrounds and your back yard - so that your children don't accidentally get stuck with discarded heroin syringes.

Experts say it's easy to brush off the epidemic if it hasn't touched your life.   But, our world is shrinking.  We're now worried about avoiding addicts who are shooting heroin while they are driving, and our kids finding drugs and needles where they play.

That's not okay.

Consider this: Unfortunately, heroin is not going away.

We have to adjust. Lives are being destroyed one needle at a time. Until we figure out how to stop this, we have to take control of what we can control.  And that means something we never thought we would do: Look for used needles before we let our kids enjoy an Easter egg hunt.

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