Milford H.S. creates prosthetic arm for little girl

Milford H.S. creates prosthetic arm for little girl
(PHOTO: Provided)
(PHOTO: Provided)

MILFORD, OH (FOX19) - With some ambition and hard work, some local high school students are changing a young girl's life.

The little girl's name is Hope.  She's a quiet 8-year old who had one of the biggest days of her life on Thursday.

"The more that she has it and works with it she'll figure out what she can do, or what it will help her be able to do," said Hope's mother, Kelley.

On Thursday, Hope got a big gift from a group of students at Milford High School.  She had the final fitting for her new prosthetic arm.  It's fully-functional and was built by students with their minds and a 3D printer.

"We have high school students who are able to fit prosthetics to children.  The neat thing about it is that if it breaks, we can print a new one," said Peter Leeper, who teaches the students that built the device.

A team of four students that are a part of the Project Lead the Way program offered by Great Oaks Career Campuses through Milford High School.  Using a basic design created by e-NABLE, a global service learning organization, the students developed and built the prosthetic after some tweaks and work of their own.

Leeper knew of the e-NABLE program and Hope's family from his church.  The 3D printer and materials used to make the limb were donated.

"This has completely blown away my expectations of high school.  This is by far the coolest thing I've ever done in high school," said Jack Brown, a student who worked on the project.

The prosthetic arm took less than $30 to create, and there's no doubt it's just for Hope, too.  That's because it's built in her favorite colors – pink, purple and white.

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