No applications submitted for entertainment districts, open containers

No applications submitted for entertainment districts, open containers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Being able to have an open container of alcohol while hanging out in the Queen City may be far away, according to Vice Mayor David Mann.

He said as of now no applications have been submitted.

"You know there has been some talk of creating an entertainment district," said Mann. "We haven't done that. Whether we need to, whether we will, I don't know."

Governor John Kasich signed the open container bill last year to allow entertainment districts. That means in certain areas you can walk around outside with your beer like they do in designated areas in Middletown.

Cincinnati is allowed two such areas under the law. There was talk last year about an entertainment district finally coming to the banks in time for the All-Star Game but it didn't happen.

"We haven't done that," Mann said. "At the time, we thought it might be necessary---but we found another way to get there. We didn't establish a permanent district. As far as I know, there is not an active application," he continued.

Could there be something on tap for the Queen City? Mann said it's something they would like at if presented.

"It's an option if someone makes an application. We would consider it-- when it comes to us."

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