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Instagram changes what you see


Instagram, the No. 1 photo sharing app, is about to change the way it displays photos.

The Facebook owned firm is rolling out a new system that ditches the old way, chronological listings for an algorithm.

In other words, now Instagram will show you photos it thinks you want to see.

The new algorithm will weigh in a variety of social signals, such as a number of post engagements. It will also consider content you liked before in an attempt to sort images in the order of “relevancy,” or as what Instagram perceives to be of most interest to you.

But most people don’t like change and the update has caused complaints.

The outrage was mostly caused by comparing this change to Facebook’s algorithm. In a lot of cases, Instagram was their network of choice because of its chronological order and an unlimited reach of posts.

A lot of people who follow brands and celebrities will deliberately go to the handle to see what’s new. So, business owners must strive to make their Instagram account a mecca for striking visual content. Tech experts suggest this is the most effective way to ensure people won’t stop engaging with your content, whatever the algorithm is.

Experts remind users there are also a few other tactics you can employ to stay ahead of the curve.

For example, if you are seriously using Instagram to grow your business, you already track and analyze results. You already know when your audience is online. You can still schedule your posts to go out at those times and increase visibility of fresh content. Another reason to dive deep into analytics is to see which hashtags perform the best.

Instagram user survey indicated that 60 percent of Instagrammers learn about products and services on the network and 75 percent take action after being inspired by an Instagram post.

Sounds like, now is the time to bring your A-game on! 

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