Tears, and Applause, for Beloved Pope

Tears, and applause, for beloved pope

Tears and prayers, as tens of thousands in St. Peter's Square mourn the death of their beloved pope.

The Vatican's undersecretary of state said, "we all feel like orphans this evening." The crowd of 70-thousand fell into a stunned silence before some people broke out in applause -- an Italian tradition in which mourners clap for important figures. Others cried. The crowd recited the rosary.

A person in the front held a Polish flag in honor of the Polish-born pontiff. The crowd has been building in the square since the Vatican announced two days ago that John Paul had become seriously ill with a urinary tract infection. It became clear yesterday that he was dying.

A Mass is scheduled for St. Peter's Square for tomorrow morning at 10:30 Rome time, which is 4:30 a.m, Eastern time