Loss mixed with Joy for Local Catholics

Every Catholic we spoke with tonight from regular church goers to Cincinnati's Archbishop say the pope served as a personal inspiration---to lead a better life. And even though he is gone---his example---will never be forgotten.

From Cincinnati's Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, to members of the Catholic Church and well beyond, Pope John Paul II served as an example of peace, forgiveness, and hard work.

"When i'm thinking um...none of this makes any difference and i'm just gonna ease off....you think of J.P. and you say you can't do that, look at the pope, look at the pope, " said Pilarczyk.

"This was a guy everybody respected...Jews, Muslims, I think they respected the holiness they saw in him."

In his 26 years as a religious leader the Polish Pope brought diversity to the Vatican while reaching across religious and cultural barriers. Many call him a Saint and believe he will be canonized by the church.

"Do i think he's a saint? I certainly do. If I were a betting man and i'm going to be around for the next thirty years I would bet he will be a saint before that."

The faithful feel great loss in his death and now they pray for a successor who will face new and different challenges with similar strength and courage.

"When John Paul II was elected communism was an issue...it's not anymore.....Sex abuse in the clergy was not a problem then, now it is and has been," said Pilarczyk.