How to keep your online info secure

Online quizzes: Hacker bait or harmless waste of time?

FOX19 - Worried about hackers preying on your online information?

The following precautions from FOX19 NOW tech expert Dave Hatter can help you keep your personal information secure:

  • Links can be easily spoofed, hover over a link before you click it to see where it points
  • Visit sites by entering the URL in your web browser rather than clicking the link
  • Use a link scanning plug-in in your browser, or use a link scanning site like URLVoid to check a link's veracity and reputation
  • Be very judicious when supplying your email address and your login credentials. This can be valuable information to a hacker and can be used to access one or more of your accounts
  • ?This is especially true for sites that use Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA), like the recently hacked IRS site
  • Report obvious scams to the social media site and consider reporting them to the FBI and or FCC
  • Question sensational links posted by friends, especially with an urgent call to action.
  • Ask friends if they really posted it
  • Google the subject and look for reputable news sources to see if it's real
  • Be wary of polls that require a login or that want to access personal information. You can't be sure who will access information you supply and it could be used for identity theft and fraud.
  • Maintain a healthy dose of skepticism and proactively take control of any information you provide!
  • Remember that while it may be fun to know what type of reptile you are, or what political party you should join, the information you supply could be used against you.

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