Family witnesses shooting death of dog after man claims attack

Man shoots and kills pit bull (VIDEO)

UNION TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A woman claims three children were in the vicinity of their Union Township home when a man pulled out his gun and shot their family dog.

The man who shot the dog says he had a reason to do it while the family says the man was never in danger.

The family was hoping to get some help from police, but it appears that the law is not on their side.

The incident occurred Sunday night around 7:30 p.m. on Lark Hill Street.

"So we were over at the neighbors house just talking," said dog owner Tabitha Wuest. "The kids were playing in the yard and the kids just ran over to the yard. And that's when the dog ran through our electric fence and got out."

She said 5-year-old dog Tritan got loose and explained to FOX19 NOW that a man was walking his dog and at first, everything was fine.

"I watched the dog the entire time as he is going over and when I got there I said I'm so sorry he went through the electric fence," she said. "The man said no problem and he was saying hello and petting the dog."

Tabitha said her dog and the other man's dog began to wrestle a bit as her 17-year-old son came to retrieve his best friend.

Then all of a sudden, he said, "back off, back off, back off."

"I thought he didn't want me by the dog and my 17 year-old reaches down and grabs the collar and he's screaming to not shoot and he's screaming please don't shoot my dog please don't shoot my dog," said Wuest.

Tritan was then shot in the back and later died on the way to the veterinarian's office.

FOX19 NOW went to speak with the man who shot Tritan, but he was talking to police when we arrived at his home.

As we approached, he went inside.

At this point, police say the man did not commit a crime.

He told them as he tried to separate his dog from Tritan, the dog attacked him so he shot him. Tabitha's 10-year-old daughter was there when it happened.

"I felt heartbroken," said Wuest. "I loved tritan and I'm just going to miss him a lot."

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