Jury To Hear About Past Allegations

Jury to hear about past allegations

A former house manager at Michael Jackson's ranch has been testifying today about just who visited the ranch during the time when Jackson is alleged to have molested a boy. He told jurors that in addition to the alleged victim and his family, the visitors included two people who are named as unindicted co-conspirators.

Later on, prosecutors will be introducing evidence that Jackson behaved improperly in the past with other young boys. Jackson was again greeted by chanting fans as he arrived at court today. About 120 supporters had gathered in front of the courthouse for a candlelight vigil earlier in the morning.

They wore white to symbolize innocence, and also wore gold armbands like the ones Jackson wears. But before they could enter the court, they had to remove their armbands.

The court doesn't allow observers to show support for either side.