Mom who put Benadryl in son’s feeding tube: ‘It’s in our past’

Mom who put Benadryl in son’s feeding tube: ‘It’s in our past’

FOX19/CNN - A New York woman arrested in Cincinnati for putting Benadryl into her sick son's feeding tube has returned home, according to a Facebook post by her father.

Jessica Valik was sentenced in a plea deal to six months in jail with credit for time served.

Valik last October brought her 4-year-old son from New York to be treated for a rare skin disease at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, her attorney previously said. The child suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa and has been chronically ill since birth.

"So I gave him a dose of his prescribed Benadryl- notified the nurse after I gave it to him," Valik told TWC News Albany. The elevator doors opened - there were cops waiting for me - and I was arrested right then and there."

Valik said that she did indeed put Benadryl in the feeding to when her son, Jax, had a particularly bad outbreak last fall, reports TWC. However, she said the Benadryl was prescribed and that she used the same process at home because that is how he gets food and medication.

The Hamilton County prosecutor claimed Jax became ill because of the substance injected into his medical equipment.

"Whether or not what I did was right - I served time, and it's in our past, and that, Jackson and I are both looking forward to moving forward with our lives," said Valik.

On March 22, Valik pleaded guilty to child endangering and was ordered by a judge to stay off the property of Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She had already served 173 of her 180-day sentence.

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