Video: Firefighters rescue ducklings from storm drain

Watch: Ducklings rescued from storm drain outside IKEA
(Photo: Hannah Hooper)
(Photo: Hannah Hooper)

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - A group of West Chester firefighters are gaining a lot of attention after a video surfaced showing them rescuing a group of baby ducklings from a storm drain in the Ikea parking lot.

Footage sent to FOX19 NOW from Hannah Hooper shows the men pulling them out one by one to be reunited with their mother.

Hooper says the mother duck was quacking hysterically until all were pulled out.

West Chester Fire Chief Rick Prinz praised his crew for doing what they did.

"I didn't see it personally, but I saw the video and it's pretty darn cute," Chief Prinz told FOX19 NOW.  "Once they laid them on the parking lot they ran right over to mom, mom gathered all eight and they went on about their business.

Chief Prinz says that this time of year, these calls aren't that uncommon.

"We take every call serious and we're there to protect life and property and that life does include animals," Chief Prinz said.

Crews usually respond to animal rescues around two or three times a month in the spring.

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