Fitbit likely saved man's life

(PHOTO: Annals of Emergency Medicine)
(PHOTO: Annals of Emergency Medicine)

FOX19 - A 42 -year old-man went to the emergency room immediately after a seizure in New Jersey.  Doctors reported to the Annals of Emergency Medicine that data tracked on his Fitbit helped them take appropriate actions to save his life.

Doctors saw he had a high and erratic heartbeat, but were unsure if it was chronic or caused by the seizure.  They then noticed he was wearing a Fitbit Charge HR, and were able to pinpoint when his heart rate jumped from 70 to 190.

Armed with that information, doctors decided to shock his heat to return it to a normal heartbeat.

Fitbits aren't medical devices and the data collected is not as accurate as one.

However they could still be used to help medical workers to save someone's life.  A woman recently found out she was pregnant after seeing changes in her heart rate through fitbit and Googling what could be causing them.

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