Thousands Continuing Filing

Thousands continuing filing past pope's body

Tens of thousands of mourners continue arriving in Rome to pay their respects to Pope John Paul. There is speculation the number of visitors in the coming days may match the city's population of three million.

The line to view the pontiff's body has been long and steady, with some people waiting more than six hours to get inside St. Peter's Basilica. Those who waited outside overnight were given croissants and tea. One woman who brought her three daughters to the Vatican from the Tuscan port area says she's hopeful it is "deep faith" and not curiosity that's bringing the throngs of people.

The pope's body is draped in a crimson-colored robe and his soft leather walking shoes are on his feet. A Vatican spokesman says the pope's body was not embalmed, but was "prepared" for public viewing. And he confirms John Paul will be buried in an underground tomb.