N-word written across Sharonville woman's walls after burglary

N-word written across Sharonville woman's walls after burglary

SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Sharonville Police are on the hunt to find the burglars who left a hate filled message on their victims wall after robbing them.

The message written in erasable marker said, "Leave N-word" across the victims wall surrounded by pictures of her children.
Police told FOX19 NOW they have some leads and working to solve the case.

The incident happened in the 4000 block of Beavercreek Circle in Sharonville last Wednesday.

The victim said the burglars came through the bedroom window and took several items including 2 flat screen TV's, Play Station, change from the change jar, a leaf blower and two tablets.

"That's the first thing my son said when he came home. 'Mom can I get my tablet?' I'm like, no," she said in front of the wall where the hateful message was written.

She said her children began pulling dollars out of their pockets offering to help get the items replaced.

Williams said she did not tell her children about what was written on the walls. It took her about 20 minutes to scrub it off. She let her children in the house once the writing was gone.

There are no suspects at this time, according to police.
"Yes I am afraid," she said. "I'm afraid every time I leave my house somebody might come in and I have to come home to my stuff being gone."

The victim also said their home was flooded when the robbers turned on the water in the kitchen and the bathroom.

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