America's best and worst car brands

America's best and worst car brands

FOX19 - Audi produces the best overall vehicles of any major brand,while Fiat rates the worst among the 30 brands.

That's the result of Consumer Reports ranking in the latest edition of Car Brands Report Card.

To determine which car brands consistently deliver vehicles that serve consumers well, Consumer Reports tabulated the overall score, road-test score, and predicted reliability results for each tested model of a brand.

Then they averaged those scores at the brand level.

This average overall score was used to rank the car brands as an indicator of who makes the best cars.

Topping the ratings besides the luxury brand Audi is mainstream marque Subaru.

Audi and Volkswagen diesel vehicles that have been pulled from dealerships following their recall and stop-sale last year for cheating on EPA emissions tests were not included in the car brands scoring.

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