Mother of teen involved in bat fight speaks

Mom defends son in bat video (VIDEO)
Amy Sailor talking with FOX19 NOW's Mike Schell (Photo: FOX19 NOW)
Amy Sailor talking with FOX19 NOW's Mike Schell (Photo: FOX19 NOW)

SUNMAN, IN (FOX19) - The mother of one of the boys involved in a fight that was caught on camera at East Central High School says her son was bullied and was trying to protect himself.

The video shows a student beating another teen with a baseball bat at the East Central High School parking lot last week.

Amy Sailor says her 17-year-old son Brandon is the one with a bat in his hand.

"Now you said he had a bat because of why? Um, this boy had been threatening him," said Sailor. "He'd received death threats and the kid at the school, one of his friends, said Little Rick was going to merc you, which means kill. So he's you know, afraid for his life at this point."

Little Rick is a nickname for the boy in red pants in the video, according to Sailor. FOX19 NOW has been unable to positively identify him.

"This boy had assaulted him once before in eighth grade, blacked his eye. And um, and just bullied him ever since," Sailor told FOX19 NOW.

The video shows one student fighting with just his hands, which is no match for the student wielding the baseball bat. Eventually the student drops the bat and the two fight by hand.

"Nobody helps. They just all stare and video tape and its disgusting," Sailor said.

At one point in the video, you can hear the bat making contact with the boy in the red pants.

Sailor says the school is well aware of the tension between the two.

"You know they didn't protect him so he had to protect himself," Sailor said.

The school district released the following statement Tuesday:

"Due to student privacy laws, we are very limited in our comments regarding the situation.  When the fight occurred, a teacher responded within 90 seconds.  Immediately thereafter, three administrators were involved with the situation.  Law enforcement was contacted, and all student involved were given the stiffest discipline allowed by law."

But Amy says 90 seconds wasn't fast enough

"There should be someone out there monitoring the park lot," Sailor said.

East Central students declined to go on camera, but said the student who was hit with the bat has been released from the hospital.

The students involved were given 10 days suspension, according to the superintendent.

The Dearborn County Prosecutor's Office says they are looking into the video.  They would not comment on the brawl while it's under investigation.

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