Sheriff tells Commissioner to Resign

If what's old is new again,  then there is a new sheriff in town. "I think it's an outrage, I think he should resign, I'm asking him to resign." Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis is taking aim at newly elected Commissioner Pat Dewine for only being on the commission for three months before announcing he's running for the congressional seat left open by Rob Portman who was recently nominated to a cabinet post in the Bush Administration.

Pat Dewine says he wants to serve his country and make it a better place and the place to do that is Congress, if he doesn't run know he may never have the chance again.

This is the latest in a string of verbal blastings by the good sheriff against Comissioner Dewine and Commissioner Phil Heimlich, first for firing county administrator David Krings and then cutting budgets across the board that affected pay raises for some sheriff employees.

Sheriff Leis says Dewine can't concentrate on county business when he's campaigning, Dewine says the Sheriff should worry about his own job.