Counterfeit bills hit Northern Kentucky

Counterfeit bills hit Northern Kentucky

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Detectives in Northern Kentucky are warning businesses about counterfeit money that has surfaced in the area.

Bellevue Det. Alanna Bass said a worker at Lee's Original Recipes brought it to her attention.

"She's like 'hey I just had a man come in here and ordered food, and he handed me this $100 bill,'" said Bass.

The fake $100 bill that was in question was actually a $10 bill.

Police departments from Falmouth, Bellevue and Florence notified the public through their Facebook pages. The cashier at Lee's Original Recipes told officers something just didn't feel right.

"She used her indicator marker, you know they make it to see if it's a real bill," said Bass. "It indicated that it was a real bill."

Someone had bleached a $10 bill, then printed the $100 image over it, according to detectives. Mallory Kloeker is a manager at One Stop Discount Liquor and Tabacco. She gave her advice to FOX19 NOW about identifying fake money.

"Avoid the pen," Kloeker said. "The pen seems not to be useful anymore."

Kloeker said fake money is nothing new to any business owner, but it hurts businesses.

It's affecting their bottom lines, but it's why Kloeker said the correct training would set businesses up for success in the long-run.

"Go to your bank and ask them what to look for," said Kloeker.

Cincinnati Police say they have not seen any counterfeit money in their jurisdiction, but they will keep any eye out for it.

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