Former Maid: Jackson Showered With Boy

Jackson trial dark today after two days of emotional testimony

The Michael Jackson trial is in recess today, after two emotional days of testimony from an alleged molestation victim and his mother, Jackson's former maid. The woman testified she once found the singer and an eight-year-old boy in the shower together. She said she saw only shadowy forms through the steamy glass, but heard two voices and saw two pair of underpants on the floor. She said the boy often shared Jackson's bed.

She also testified that when actor Macaulay Culkin stayed at the ranch, he slept in Jackson's bedroom and only one bed was used.

The maid's 24-year-old son testified earlier that Jackson groped him inappropriately on three occasions in the early 1990s. Jackson settled those allegations in the mid-'90s with a multi  million dollar payment, while admitting no wrongdoing.