Florence PD search for credit card cloning scammers

Credit card cloning (VIDEO)

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - The Florence Police Department is looking for Asian three men in connection to a credit card cloning scam. On April 5th, investigators say the men use cloned credit cards to buy a little over $800 worth of prepaid Visa cards.

"The victim has no idea, nor do we how they acquired the credit card information," said Detective Corporal Erik Daniels.

Police say, it's believed the men took the account numbers and put them on credit cards with false names and committed the crime.

The thieves may have thought they were being smart by buying gift cards, but they couldn't outsmart the surveillance cameras.

"It sounds like what these thieves are doing in this case is, they go in use the card one time buy a bunch of throw away cards, prepaid card, $50-$100 face value or whatever because they know the clone card is probably going to be shut down very quickly," said FOX 19 Now Security Expert Dave Hatter.

"The victim was notified by the bank about the purchases. He reported back to the bank that those were not his," said Daniels.

Security expert Dave Hatter says this is the reason why banks are moving to pin and chip cards.

"Not only is the whole mechanism more secure in theory but also it's much harder to clone these cards," said Hatter.

Hatter says there are a few ways to keep your financial information from being stolen. For example, shred financial document before throwing them away and be vigilant when swiping your credit card. Loose credit card readers at gas stations or atm's maybe a sign that the devices are altered.

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