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Why use cloth diapers?

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Jamee Diver with Park+Vine appeared on FOX19 NOW to discuss the latest in diapering trends (not what your mom used) and why cloth diapers might be an option for you and your baby.

Why should I cloth diaper my child?

You'll save money.

When you buy disposable diapers, you are throwing away money with each diaper change. Exactly how much you'll save will vary depending on what brand of disposable diapers you (don't) purchase and what brand of cloth diapers you choose. On average, a family choosing a mid-range brand of disposable diapers will save about $1100 if they cloth diaper using 24 one-size cloth diapers like the BumGenius Original Pocket Diaper.

You'll prevent waste.

Every baby wearing disposable diapers may generate as much as one ton of landfill waste before age two. Disposable diapers are a significant percentage of consumer waste and, according to reports from the EPA, represent the third most common consumer item in landfills.

It's more convenient.

Today's cloth diapers reflect designs created primarily by parents solving problems. In the cloth diaper industry, parents are usually frustrated with their current diapering solution before they start creating new products. Often, their final product is significantly better than the product they were currently using. This is entirely true when comparing cloth diaper functionality to disposable diaper use. Cloth diapers are more convenient simply because they work SO much better than the alternative.

•Tired of blowouts? Disposable diapers are known for "up the back" and "down the leg" blowouts. These blowouts often ruin outfits for mom and baby. Worse, they also create a very challenging to clean mess in car seats, on blankets, and in bedding. Who wants to deal with that mess? Not all messes are avoidable, but, thankfully, most cloth diapers are designed specifically to prevent major blowouts.

•Out of diapers again? When you buy cloth diapers, your diapers are always available. Just wash and go.

Family disaster planning is the responsible thing to do. Even for families who primarily use disposable diapers, it is wise to have cloth diapers on hand in case of an emergency. The average store is estimated to have three days’ worth of supplies on their shelves. Given a disaster affecting the supply chain in the United States, it could quickly become difficult to access a fresh supply of disposable diapers. Keep a pile of one size cloth diapers on your storage shelf to ensure that your family is ready - no matter what happens.

Want to learn more about disposable diapers?

Cloth Diapering Cuteness:

April 24 at 11am
Park + Vine

Park + Vine hosts this informal class on all aspects of cloth diapering 11 a.m. fourth Sunday of each month, unless noted otherwise. Jamee Diver, tailors each discussion to the specific questions of attending parents. Afterward, browse our selection of cloth diapers and take advantage of package discounts.

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