Maysville Police search for cop impersonator

Maysville Police search for cop impersonator

MAYSVILLE, KY (FOX19) - Maysville Police say a woman notified them that she was pulled over on the William Harsha Bridge by a fake cop on Friday.

"It was a black Chevy Impala and it had red and blue lights and that when the male approached her that she just felt uneasy about it. She didn't notice any markings on the vehicle," said Lt. Justin Horch.

Maysville police don't have black impalas in their fleet. The woman told police, the fake cop told her to step out of the car.

"She didn't see any kind of a badge or gun or anything like that it really made her nervous, she went ahead and took off," said Horch.

Police reached out to surrounding agencies to see if they had any unmarked vehicles in the area. As it stands right now, they're not aware of any that were in the area. Police advise if you find yourself in a similar situation, drive at the speed limit, get to a well-lit and populated area and call 911 to make sure the stop is legit.

Maysville residents aren't happy to hear that this happening where they live.

"I feel sorry for her you know, there's no telling what could have happened with that," said Daniel Blizzard.

"Thankfully she was smart enough to pay attention to all the obvious signs. This could have been a whole different story," said Nicholas Cameron.

If you have any information about this incident you are encouraged to call Maysville Police.

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