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Defining creepy

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What makes a person creepy?

A professor at Knox College in Illinois is getting a lot of national attention for his new study that claims to outline traits that are deemed creepy.  

Frank McAndrew says he a spent a whole semester working with students to define those guidelines.

After surveying more than 13-hundred men and women of all ages, McAndrew said he found one key trait.

“The first thing we found out is that men are bigger creeps than women," he said. "And nobody that I say that too seems very surprised. But if you think about it, creepiness is all about being on guard about a possible threat and you're not sure there's something to worry about. And men are just more threatening than women."

He also adds they don't believe people who are creepy know they are creepy and his study proves those creepy people can change their creepy ways.


McAndrew broke down a full list of creepy traits including standing to close to someone, non-stop smiling and not letting someone out of a conversation.

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