Human bones found beneath Music Hall

Human bones found beneath Music Hall

OVER THE RHINE, OH (FOX19) - Workers renovating Music Hall stumbled upon a grim discovery late last month.

Real estate group 3CDC say crews found human remains beneath the orchestra pit while removing asbestos on March 29. A different set of remains were also found underneath the North Carriageway.

But if you think this is going to spark a cold case, think again.

When construction for Music Hall began in 1876, crews quickly realized that it was built on top of a public burial ground dating back to 1818. Since then, human remains have been discovered various times through different work projects on the property.

The bones were removed by local archaeologists, who found they likely belonged to four different people all buried in the same grave.

"Preliminary assessment suggests that the bones were likely moved from their original burial location and reburied in the single grave," says a report from heritage management firm Gray and Pape. "It's possible this occurred during construction beneath Music Hall's orchestra pit in 1928."

Archeologists also founds bones inside six grave shafts and wooden coffins near the North Carriageway.

"It's hoped that further analysis of the remains, as well as historical research, will reveal more details about the lives of those found beneath Cincinnati's Music Hall," read a release from Gray and Pape.

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