Check Scam Hits Tri-State

One of your Tri-State neighbors is the first in the area to receive a scam in the mail that promises big money if you deposit a $4500 cashier's check. The recipient in Greenhills was skeptical from the beginning. They called a Canadian contact number included in the mailing. The check, they were told, was supposed to pay taxes on lottery winnings. If they cashed it and sent it back then they would get the big cash prize. But before the check had a chance to bounce the Greenhills resident instead called police. Greenhills Lt. Matt Johnson tells FOX 19, "If it just doesn't look right and it's not right give someone a call and take a better look at it. The bottom line is use common sense." If you think you've received a suspicious check that looks real call your local police department or contact the U.S. Postal Inspectors. The number is 513-684-8000.