Exclusive photos of Madison Jr/Sr High School shooting scene

Crime scene photos from school shooting (VIDEO)
We’ve obtained exclusive photos of the scene after the recent shooting at Madison Jr/Sr High School. WARNING: These images are graphic.
James Austin Hancock, 15, the teen accused in the shooting at Madison Jr/Sr High School, pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted murder and one count of inducing panic on Thursday, April 28.  

Hancock announced his plea in a pre-trial and the judge said that his adult sentence will be stayed until he is 21 years old.  His attorney waived any discussion of bond during a brief court appearance.

Authorities say he fired at other students using a .380-caliber handgun in the school cafeteria Feb. 29.
Moments after the shooting, the teen threw his weapon down, ran from the school and was shortly taken into custody near campus, according to the Butler County Sheriff's Office.
FOX19 NOW spoke with victim Brant Murray's mother outside the courtroom Thursday. 
"He took shrapnel," she said. "My son had several pieces of shrapnel in his thigh that we have had to have surgically removed."
Hancock admitted to creating chaos, injuring 4 students in all.
Even with the chaos the victims and their families have endured, Brant Murray's mother spoke kind words towards Hancock's family. 
"No matter what that is their child, their nephew their grandchild," she stated. " They're always going to love him.  That doesn't mean that they support what he did. I feel sorry for them very much. I would never want to be a parent who got the call that it was your child who shot up a school."

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