Runners take on the Flying Pig Toyota 10K

Runners take on the Flying Pig Toyota 10K

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Runners ranged from all ages at the Flying Pig Toyota 10K Saturday morning. 5,100 participants hit the pavement making it the largest participation ever for the 10K.

"Isn't it amazing? I don't think the people would have come down, recognize the size, the magnitude of it," said Flying Pig Marathon Executive Director Iris Simpson-Bush.

Race organizers say there's something for everyone, even those stepping out for the first time.

"We always say, if it's your first event, we'll get you from the couch to the 5k and then we'll bring you in. All you have to do is train," said Simpson-Bush.

The weather didn't stop participants like Brian Barclay who was running with Team Red White and Blue. The organization's mission is to enrich the lives of America's veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

"It's just a blast. We got people in our group that are six minute milers and 15 minute milers. They are all having a blast. They're something for everybody," said Barclay.

It was also a great time for a father- son duo.

"I get older I get slower, he gets taller he gets faster and he going a lot faster than me right now," said David Kegg.

If running isn't your thing, maybe cheering on participants is your calling.

"We have thousands, hundreds of thousands that's spectators. We affectionately refer to them as our street squealers. So come joins us in whatever capacity works for you," said Simpson-Bush.

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