Rob Williams: Great crowds for Flying Pig Marathon

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - I have another marathon under my belt after running Sunday.

This was my first marathon back in about 4 years.

I think The Flying Pig Marathon is one of best organized marathon out there.  The aid stations are manned by supportive prideful groups. This year the crowd support was outstanding.

After mile 19 I was having extreme pain in my feet.

The pain only resolved by rubbing them, but for that I would need a chair.  If I sat on the ground or curb, there was no guarantee that I would get
back up.

Three different groups offered me a chair, so I could take off my shoes and attend to my feet.  They offered me water and Gatorade, and asked if I needed anything else.  For that I was extremely appreciative.

The attached picture was taken by someone in Mariemont, then tweeted it.  It was nice hearing, "Go Rob" or "Go newsguy."

However I think the support for the entire event and every runner was felt all along the 26.2 miles. You usually see some "dead spots" along Eastern Avenue, but not this past Sunday.

Proving once again it's people who make Cincinnati great!  For that I'm grateful.

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