School threat evacuates Lebanon High School for third consecutive day

Prosecutor fed up with school threats (VIDEO)

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - For the last three days, a few schools in Warren County have been the target of threats of school violence.

"It's scary. It's disturbing," said Lisa Spangler, a parent of a Lebanon High School student.

Students at Lebanon High School were evacuated Wednesday for a third consecutive day after a note with a bomb threat was found on the hallway floor at the school, according to Lebanon City Schools' Facebook page. Police and emergency crews searched the building and all students were safely dismissed early.

While students from the high school were being evacuated to Lebanon Jr. High School, another threat was made at the school just after noon, which led to those students being sent home as well, the district said

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell says on Monday a bomb threat was targeted at Lebanon High School, and a threat of a school shooting came from a student in a school in Springboro.

On Tuesday, Fornshell says Lebanon High School was the target of another threat.  This time it was a threat of a school shooting.

"It's fear. A lot of fear because what's next," Spangler told FOX19 NOW.

Fornshell is now saying that enough is enough.

"Over the past year, we've had 17 juveniles that we've charged with making school-related threats," Fornshell said on Tuesday.

Of the 17 charged in the last year, Fornshell says 15 of them are facing felony charges.

"By my estimate, twice a month we receive a report of a threat of violence against a school," he said.

With three days of threats this week, that prompted Fornshell to put a plea to parents on Facebook Tuesday, imploring them to talk to their kids to help them understand that this isn't a joke.

"We're not going to treat it as a joke.  We're not going to go easy on you.  We're going to bring the hammer down on you and try to send a message that this is simply unacceptable," Fornshell said.

The threats at Lebanon High School are still under investigation.

But, the incident involving a school shooting threat at an elementary school in Springboro Monday is nothing short of eye-opening.

"You already have an 11-year old sitting in a juvenile detention center based upon a very grown-up threat," Fornshell said, "It's a felony."

Some parents are left wondering just how much more of this they can take.

"For me, I'm on edge because I feel like I'm going to relax and then this is really going to happen if this continues to happen," Spangler said.

Fornshell says his office has recommended a protocol to all Warren County law enforcement agencies regarding these school threats. He says that any juvenile that is found making a threat will be charged with a felony.  If convicted, his office will recommend at least 90 days behind bars in a juvenile detention center, on top of any school discipline.

"This policy will be enforced regardless of whether the threat is subsequently determined to be credible, or simply a bad joke," he wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

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