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Andrew Ferrell is a role model

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Cincinnati, OH (AP, FOX19) -

By now, you've probably heard the story about Rapper 50 Cent coming to Cincinnati to promote his vodka. 

While at the airport, Curtis James Jackson III--also known as 50 Cent--shot a video making fun of a local airport janitor—saying Andrew Farrell was on drugs while at work.  But, it turns out, that young man has Asperger's Syndrome, a form autism. The video went viral. And, after a massive outcry, and a call to boycott the alcohol 50 Cent was promoting, the Rapper was forced to apologize.
The apology was accepted. But the family had some strong words for all of us:  "Regardless of the way that another person appears to you--it is never ok to publicly humiliate them. We hope that this situation brings more awareness to what people with autism and other forms of social anxiety suffer though on a daily basis." 

50 Cent acted like a jerk—and he thought he had the right to bully an airport worker just doing his job. By choosing to accept the apology, Andrew Farrell is a role model...and, in our opinion, a much bigger man.

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